8th BioProScale Symposium 2024
09.04.2024 - 11.04.2024

Luisenstr. 58/59, 10117 Berlin-Mitte, Germany


Scaling Down and Up of Bioprocesses: Strategies, Tools and Process Performance

The BioProScale Symposium is an event on industrial scale bioprocessing with a long scientific tradition. Target groups are experts from research & development and industrial practice in bioprocessing of pharmaceuticals, food, feed and renewables.

Topics 2024

  • Area 1: Scale down and up of industrial scale processes
    Process performance across scales and process modes, bioreactor/bioprocess modelling, description of cell and reactor heterogeneities at large scale, sustainability of bioprocesses
  • Area 2: Bioprocess scale down
    Scale down approaches, small scale simulators of industrial scale processes, scale related cell physiology, validation of scalability, high throughput bioprocessing concepts 
  • Area 3: Process-driven cell performance
    Analysis and modelling of cell populations, optimization and design of cell-cell and cell-bioreactor interactions, microbial co-cultivation
  • Area 4: Integrated bioprocesses
    Circular economy concepts, bioprocess coupling, continuous operation, integrating upstream and downstream operations across scales  
  • Area 5: Process analytical technologies (PAT)
    Sensor integration, data modelling fusion, PAT for faster scale down and up of bioprocesses

With accompanying exhibition

The BioProScale Symposium is jointly organized by the Technische Universität Berlin, Chair of Bioprocess Engineering, and the Institute for Gaerungsgewerbe und Biotechnologie zu Berlin (IfGB) since 2009.

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