BioProScale Symposium 2021 went virtual
6th BioProScale Symposium 2021 went virtual

The 6th BioProScale Symposium - a joint project of the chair of Bioprocess Engineering, the Bio-PAT Network and the IfGB - took place from March 29-31, 2021, for the first time as online event.

Over the three days, a total of 46 excellent lectures were held in the two sessons by representatives from industry and academia. The exciting virtual exhibitions of our ten sponsors and the 32 interesting posters rounded off the conference program. In the specially set up video chat area, lively discussions were held, there was an opportunity to get to know each other and to deepen the topics of the lectures. Some participants took advantage of this opportunity to stay up late into the night.

Best Presentation Award
The first MDPI Lecture Award went to Björn Gutschmann (Technische Universtiät Berlin) and Thomas Schiewe (Universität Potsdam / innoFSPEC, Germany) for their presentation In-line application of photon density wave spectroscopy as a PAT sensor in high cell-density bioprocesses: Monitoring of E. coli growth and PHA formation in R. eutropha. A very good second place went to Sarah Täuber For the presentation entitled: Dynamic microfluidic single-cellcultivation: Growth of Corynebacterium glutamicum at fluctuating environmental conditions. In third place, the Scientific Advisory Board voted for Phuong Ho for the presentation entitled: Reproducingdynamicenvironment in microfluidic single-cell cultivation based on computational life line analysis.

Best Poster Award
The Eppendorf Poster Award went to Mr. Amin Javidanbardan for the poster entitled: Rapidandcost-effective fabrication ofmicrochromatography integrated with microelectrode impedance sensor. The Scientific Advisory Board evaluated the posters of Jian Li (Cell-free biosynthesis of the nonribosomal peptide antibiotic valinomycin) and Tobias Höing (Cultured meat production in a 2D rocking bioreactor) with the second and third place, respectively. Congratulations to all winners.

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The next BioProScale Symposium is scheduled for March/April 2022 in Berlin - stay tuned!