Poster Sessions

In addition to the oral presentations we have accepted 59 scientific posters.

Poster Session I (Monday & Tuesday afternoon)

  • Industrial-scale bioprocess operation (12 Poster)
  • High-throughput bioprocessing and automation (13 Poster)
  • Microtechnologies for bioprocesses (6 Poster)

Poster Session II (Tuesday afternoon & Wednesday)

  • Bioprocesses for a circular economy (9 Poster)
  • Population Balances (2 Poster)
  • Process analytical technologies - PAT  (12 Poster)
  • Single-use bioreactors and their applications (5 Poster)

A complete listing will be announced soon.

Please note: With the acceptance of your paper/poster, an additional (fee-based) registration for each participant is necessary.

Dimension of a poster wall: 94 x 123 cm (w x h)